Professional Awards

  • 2012 IEEE CPMT David Feldman Outstanding Contribution Award
    “for a quarter century of strategic leadership for the CPMT Society”
  • 2011 IMAPS Presidents Award
    “for is contributions to Advanced packaging and IMAPS symposiums, workshops and conferences”
  • 2007 IEEE CPMT Sustained Technical Contributions Award
    “for 25 years of leadership and technical contributions in thin film dielectric materials and microelectronic applications such as multichip modules, bumping and wafer level packaging, integrated passives, o-LEDs and most recently 3D integration”
  • 2002 Fraunhoffer IZM International Advanced Packaging Award
    “for pioneering achievement in the introduction of new thin film polymeric packaging materials”.
  • 2001 IMAPS WD Ashman Achievement Award
    “for technical contributions to the Microelectronics Packaging Industry”
  • 1994 Milton Kiver Award for Excellence in Electronic Packaging and Production
    “for the development & commercial introduction of Cyclotene Advanced Electronics Resins”


Kiver Award501Milton Kiver Award
IZM packaging award2002 Fraunhoffer IZM Berlin Packaging Award

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